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This website will be the heart of a brand new professional organization, The American Society of Assistant Cinematographers. To learn about the ASAC, click Focus on the menu bar to the left.

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Click the Registration link on the left to join the ASAC. The only requirements are that you are a working camera assistant and that while you take your work seriously, you don't take yourself too seriously.  And hey, it's FREE!!
We also offer "Associate Memberships" to interested parties who are not camera assistants, or who reside outside of the US. Or all of the above.

Submit Material for our Site!

The most important part of the ASAC website will be the "Reference" section where we will post articles and essays about our craft.  Please appreciate that I refrained from calling that section "craft services."   We invite you to submit any item that you feel would be appropriate for our Reference section. In return for any material that you send we will waive your registration fees! 

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We also have a Discussion Group, which is a free-form forum on any topics you would like to discuss.  We only ask that you keep your posts in good taste and maintain the dignity that our profession so highly deserves.

Feeling Chatty?

We also have our own chat room! Drop in and see who else has too much time on his/her hands!

About the Advertising Banners

At the top of the window you see an advertising banner, compliments of our web host.  This is the price one pays for using their free web service.  Naturally, the Executive Board of the A.S.A.C. does not endorse any product or business that you see advertised in this panel. 
The only thing we endorse is checks. 

Thanks for Visiting

Thanks for visiting our website!  We are a member supported site, so content will grow as we gain members and submissions!


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