This is where qualified individuals may submit the application to the ASAC for membership.

If you are not a working camera assistant located in the United States, You are using the wrong application form!  

Non-camera assistants, or individuals living outside the U.S. should go to the Associate Membership Registration Page

Fill in this form for membership application to the ASAC. Items marked with asterisk are required. 
Be certain to enter your Email address correctly as this is where your confirmation will be sent.

All information submitted will be kept confidential. Except the part about the Alamo.

First Name: *
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Email Addr : *
Job Classification: 1st AC   2nd AC   Loader  
Years Worked:
Street Address:
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Zip code: * Non-US Residents may apply for associate membership.
Home Phone:
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Member IATSE 600? Yes            No         
Member Fortune 500? Yes            No
'Member The Alamo? Yes            No
D.O.B.    19
D.O.A. Yes  No
List on Member's Page? Yes           No     
List Web Address?
List Email Address? Yes           No
Check One: I am among those assistants who has flashed a roll of film.
  I am among those assistants who will flash a roll of film.
Check One: If available, I would purchase an ASAC T-shirt
  I wouldn't wear an ASAC T-Shirt to a dogfight.
I have lifted an Arri 535A above shoulder level.
If yes, I have seen an orthopedic surgeon

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